The Cow Ponies + Alex Ballard & Sugarfoot @ Anodyne, Sat., 9.1.18

If Xposed 4Heads is our bestie, and Chris Head is our sartorial muse, then Alex Ballard & Sugarfoot is our sexy alternative girlfriend. (Think Mandy on “Shameless.”) For that reason and more, including that this is Anodyne we’re talkin’ about, we are really excited about this show!

Alex is one of the most talented guys we know, and as a band, we’ve been lovin’ him since we met two years ago during our first year of performing. The write-up on Anodyne says we first met two years ago playin’ together at the Gram Parsons 70th Birthday Bash that came through Milwaukee that August (we told ’em that). But we forgot that our true first show together was January 2016, at Club Girabaldi with Dog House Flowers and Alex Ballard & Sugarfoot a month after our very first performance (at our beloved Circle-A). When ABS hit the stage (they were a three-piece back then) we were transfixed. Mouths agape. 

Fast forward 2.5 years: Our show takes place on the esteemed Anodyne stage (it’s beautiful) Saturday, September 1 at their main location (the Roastery) on 224 W Bruce Street in Milwaukee. Doors open at 7 p.m. Show starts at 8 p.m. 

Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 day of show. 

We’d luv 2 C U there! xo

More info about the show on Anodyne’s concert site 
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