The Cow Ponies @ Linneman’s River West Inn, Fri., 7.29.16

We’re very proud and happy to announce that we’re playing with The Mosleys at Linneman’s River West Inn in a few weeks, on Friday, July 29! Some of us have been crazy about Mike Fredrickson’s solo projects for a long time, and earlier in the year, a couple of us went to see The Mosleys at Kochanski’s on a Sunday and were blown away. Wayn-o was right all along when he kept telling us, “You GOTTA check ’em out.” Love and thanks to our Tom T for proposing the idea of this show to Mike and then setting it all up. As we all want it to be kind of an early night (and maybe you do too), The Cow Ponies will start around 8, and The Mosleys will be on about 9:45.  We’re rolling out a few brand-new songs, and would love to see you there!


Poster by: Our Own Andy Stilin. Spell-check wants to change his last name to “Stallion.”

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